Event Services

Are you worried about the electrical uncertainties for your event? Then be ensured that you are in the correct place.

Be it is your Wedding function, your Birthday party or Business functions. You need to ensure that you have the power generators in place, to safeguard the normal functioning of your event and functions.

We are the power and electrical Generator Hiring and Renting professionals, who undertake the power requirements for numerous wedding functions, engagements, christening functions, events, exhibitions and private parties in Kollam and locations around, such as Trivandrum and Alleppy.

We take your hassle away- organizing your Wedding, Office and Private parties with no confusions or power failures at all. Our generators mounted in a truck impart only minimum sound ensuring that you have a great day ahead.

Call us for the power assistance of your event and our experts will make sure that all your worries are taken care of.  Our team tries to eliminate your hassle related to power failure issues as we take all your electric and power uncertainties away from you.

Tell us your power requirements and let us take care of all your power needs.

There are times around the year that we are not able to provide our support to our clients as it is pre-booked by others. Be ensured that you book the Generators as early as possible to avoid the last time rush.


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