John Mathew, Kollam Service Bank Association President

On behalf of Kollam Service Bank Staff, I thank you for the power and electrical services. The power generators have served the purpose and we were able to complete our public meeting at Kollam beach without any issues. The entire power was provided by your team without any hassle.

Kannan V,  Wedding Function
When we were planning our daughter’s wedding, power issue was also a main factor that we needed to worry about. This was the first time we contacted Nicholas and he ensured all his support.
As it was the time of electrical powercuts, the usage of generators came in handy and we were able to fix all power issues easily.Thank you team.

Sanjay Warrier, Boating Services
Friendly customer services and moderate cost, than compared to our previous power providers. That is what comes to my mind when we think about  Kollam Generators.  Thanks for the support and helping us in our need.

Ajith S, General Manager, Chem Industries
We would have been drowned- at the verge of losing our employee working hours and time, if it was  not for your power support. My company will use the services of the Kollam Generators again without any doubt.

Shameer Misthah, Expo Organisor
Nicholas, we thankyou for extending your services and energy, making our exhibition in Nila Auditorium a success. We could not even think of electricity failure during our Kollam Crafts expo.

Lakshmi Ragendran, Hospital Admin
Our Hospital Staff appreciate your support and backup during our outdoor function on January 13 Sunday 2013.  Our outdoor meeting would not have been such a success without your Power generators. Thank you!!


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